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Best depth interviews in alt music

Feline has brilliant taste and a brilliant way of getting musicians to open up about their lives and how that influences their craft. Wayne Coyne one is so good.

Great conversations

I discovered this podcast from Lucy Dacus’s episode back in 2021, and I resonated most with her talking about the song Thumbs and her relationship with her father. I later listened to the Julien Baker episode when it came out and it was also a fantastic conversation.

Julien Baker episode

Another great episode. This is the best way to discover new music - hearing the songs and learning more about the artist. I loved getting to know Julien through this intimate and candid conversation. There’s so much more to her than what’s in the songs. Loved!

One of My Fav Music Pods

Celine does a really good job of finding a balance between giving space for the artists to talk and adding in what seems to be her subtle but rich background in music. I found the Xiu Xiu and Courtney Barnett interviews flowed in a way where they were over before you know it and are left with a perfectly elevated parasocial relationship with the artist.

Great podcast, loved the Xiu Xiu episode!

It’s a super warm interview with a really thorough deep dive on the band’s history and the process of producing their new record. The flow of the storytelling with the conversation was really excellent. Just started listening recently, excited to check out more~

Great episode on Courtney Barnett

I'm a big fan of Courtney Barnett and just listened to Celine's interview with Barnett. I loved how much ground the episode covered - from learning quite a bit about where some of the songs came from but also getting insight into Barnett's life.

Like nothing else

Celine Teo-Blockey is an incredible interviewer - she has a lot of music knowledge and credibility, which may be one of the reasons why the artists open up to her. She tends to get a lot of authenticity out of her subjects, and she doesn’t talk over them! (Like some other interviewers).

SPELLING episode was so cool

I really enjoyed the SPELLING episode. Chrystia’s music is so fascinating and definitely — as she expresses on the episode and as she hopes — helps the listener “escape the reality of earth.” Sometimes I feel stagnant in my music choices and it was cool to hear something so experimental and that this work has been successful. I also just love the way that Celine weaves us through the interview and how the music is interwoven into their conversation. It made me feel so immersed in the music & Chrystia’s story behind the music.

Adrian Younge

Adrian Younge has courageously taken on the battle of unraveling racism in America, and I'm not too sure there's anyone more equipped for the task. Awesome interview. Amazing music. He’s gained a new fan!

in-depth and high quality

I really enjoy Celine’s approach to getting the in-depth back story of the musicians’ formative years. I related to a lot of Lucy Dacus’ early experiences in life, even though we come from very different backgrounds and our trajectories turned out very differently. Same with London Grammar’s Hannah Reid, whom I have interviewed many times, but never spoke to about her very young years. I also appreciate the audio quality of the podcast, which is tip-top. Nice job!

🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Loved the interview with London Grammar’s Hannah Reid! Appreciated the very thoughtful questions and insight. Thank you!


I’m blown away by the depth and care taken in creating this podcast. The interviews feel so intimate and really bring you into the life and mind of the artist. As a musician I feel so inspired after listening to the James Yorkston interview. I’m just welling with tears of feeling connected to the power that music can have in our lives. Celine is such a wonderful interviewer and host. She gently and lovingly gets to the heart of things.

Completely new lens on musicians

Celine is a great host who has this gift of making listeners feel like they’re a part of the conversation. This podcast is a rare opportunity to witness the different sides of the artists featured on the show. I absolutely loved listening to the Emmy the Great episode and hope to see more Asian artists in the future!

Super Thoughtful Podcast

The host, Celine, does a great job getting to very insightful and thoughtful questions of artists and goes very deep. The recent Flaming Lips podcast was great and gave me a lot of insight to a band I’ve followed from the early days

Caroline rose interview

The most amazing interview with Caroline Rose. A must hear for her fan base. I’m late to the party but glad I made it. Thank you

The art of discovery

I just listened to the Ezra Furman episode—an artist I no nothing about. But in the span of an hour or so, I got a sense of their life and perspective, and how that has shaped them and their music. The narrative was clear to follow but not obviou. I'll be back for more.

Thoughtful delve into a musician’s world

Celine’s podcast, Under the Radar, is a refreshing exploration of musical artists and their stories. Celine’s voice is sweet and easy to listen to - she doesn’t spend the listener’s time showing off her own research (which is vast, of course) into the artist but, rather, lets the artist speak for themselves. She asks questions that are interesting and encourages the artist to reveal deeper aspects of their work and inspirations. Looking forward to the next podcasts!

Like getting a note from your best friend

If you had a friend in school that was much cooler than you and introduced you music you instantly loved by putting one of her headphones in your ear and pressing play - this is the podcast for you. A beautifully produced show for artists that should get more attention. Enjoy Songexploder? Subscribe!

Powerful and personal

Getting to know artists that I’d never normally find and hearing their stories of home may just be the thing that makes this never ending stay at home more bearable. This intimate podcasts feels like a warming cup of tea over the kitchen table with some old friends. Beautifully done and great music too.