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Aug. 20, 2021

Adrian Younge

Adrian Younge

The American Negro

The cover art of Adrian Younge's album The American Negro depicts the shocking image of a man hanging from a tree. Flip the cover over and the other image reveals that on his back is a note which reads 'This n***** voter." You may ask "Why, do we need an image so offensive? Or an album like this one now?" A multi-hyphenate artist dedicated to shining a light on the unsung heroes of soul, jazz and culture, Adrian also shares a deep love for history which he is keen to impart to us. As he believes knowledge and education are the key to understanding our current social ills.

The American Negro is a multi-pronged project that includes a short film called TAN and Younge's podcast Invisible Blackness. His conversations with Public Enemy's Chuck D and Brian Jackson, Gil Scott-Heron's jazz collaborator on "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" and some of the most crucial albums of the '70s contributing to the Black Consciouness —are illuminating and not to be missed.

Many thanks for making this possible — Adrian for taking on this work of helping us all to educate ourselves. To Dru Lojero at Linear Labs for assistance with music clearance. To Jazz Is Dead for use of Masters and to Sony Publishing. Thanks to Shazila Mohamad and Zoe HInes at Grandstand Media for additional support.

Songs Featured: "The American Negro," "Bitches Do Voodoo," "Sirens," James Mincey Jr," "Margaret Garner," "Race Is A Fellacy" and "Light On The Horizon."

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