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March 30, 2023

Spacey Jane

Spacey Jane

Here Comes Everyone

Being hailed as the poster child for a Covid generation might sit uncomfortably with some indie bands but Caleb Harper, frontman of Spacey Jane—a four-piece from Perth, Australia—takes it in his stride. Their 2020 debut Sunlight is defined by intimate lyrics often rooted in Caleb's strict, religious upbriging, that had made his transition to adulthood particularly fraught. Being part of Spacey Jane with Kieran Lama, Ashton Hardman-Le Cornu and Peppa Lane has continued to help him process feelings of anxiety and alienation. Bouyed by the sunny melodies, these songs have in turn, resonated with young millenials who came of age during the pandemic. For their 2022 follow-up Here Comes Everybody Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy gave his blessings for them to use the working title of Wilco’s 2001 masterpiece Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Many thanks for making this possible: — Thank you Caleb for a heartfelt conversation and looking forward to maybe a 'not so sad' song.' Thank you to Kobalt US and Dew Process Publishing for use of all songs. And to Zoe Hines and Grace Jones at Grandstand Media for support.

Songs Featured: "Sitting Up," "Thrills," "Good Grief," 'Love Me Like I Haven't Changed," "Booster Seat," "Lunchtime," "Hardlight," "It's Been A Long Day," and "Pulling Through."

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