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Sept. 30, 2022

Marlon Williams

Marlon Williams

My Boy

As a child, New Zealand singer-songwriter Marlon Williams believed that if he could nail the songs at iwi or tribe gatherings then surely everything in the world would be ok. Nevermind that elders were discussing big issues such as Maori land rights, water rights and education, Marlon had an inate believe in the virtues of song and his vocal prowess as a singer. Indeed his voice is something to behold — a melismatic, velvety croon that can register as Roy Orbison or Elvis. And before the release of his latest album My Boy, it could be said that it's a voice more comfortable in a different era or genre or part of the world, but after this third record — it's clearly a voice that transcends all of it. Marlon can raid the chest of drawers on any musical era and come up with a piece of art that is contemporary because it speaks to current afflictions in a knowing way, uniquely framed by his indegenuity and wry, humor.

Many thanks for making this possible — Marlon for a great psych session, both times! To Dead Oceans for use of all Master Recordings. Native Tongue for Publishing rights. And Jessica Linker at Pitch Perfect PR for all the added support. Thank you to Lily Sloane for additional music and Martin Austwick for additional sound engineering.

Songs Featured: "River Rival," "Hello Miss Lonesome," "Dark Child," "Strange Things," "Make Way For Love," "Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore," "My Boy," "My Heart Is A Wormhole," "Princes Walk," "Thinking Of Nina," "Don't Go Back" and "Easy Does It."

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