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May 19, 2022

Unpleasantness is Necessary for Art?

Unpleasantness is Necessary for Art?

Xiu Xiu

We listen to some raw tape of Jamie Stewart—from experimental, art-pop band Xiu Xiu—that didn't make it to the main episode. And we're joined by a Xiu Xiu fan, Bay Area-electronic musician Alex Olive who shares how elements that we might ordinarily find off-putting in Xiu Xiu's more discordant, noize-led and sometimes frightening work is vital to her art and life. We also discuss gender dysphoria, trans rights and In true Xiu Xiu form, Sanrio characters. Follow Alex Olive @olivecraving on Instagram and be sure to check out her Bandcamp here.

Much thanks to Rob Wilcox at Polyvinly Records and Sydney Christensen at Kill Rock Stars for use of songs. Also to Catherine Herrick from Motor Mouth Media for additional support. Last but not least to Jamie for graciously helping us reach out to his loyal fanbase. And a big, big thank you to the many fans that did reach out. We could only pick one but feel free to record a voice message and I promise to play it on a future mini-episode.

To listen to the Ezra Furman episode from Season 1, please head here. And here's my interview with Ezra on motherhood.

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