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Feb. 9, 2023

Tim Burgess

Tim Burgess

Typical Music

"Typically, music heals," says Tim Burgess, the hyperactive multi-talent whose career encompasses three decades as The Charlatans frontman, sixth diverse solo albums, three memoirs, his own O Genesis record label, and more than 1000 installments of the now-beloved Tim’s Twitter Listening Party. During the darker, more uncertain days of lockdown, these twitter parties facilitated joyful connections between fans and some of our favorite bands—from Blur's Dave Rowntree to Oasis' Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs, Paul McCartney and Susanah Hoffs from The Bangles. As the parties progressed, it took in more diverse albums including Run The Jewels, Iron Maiden and more recently Shania Twain. The wide breadth of music it covered during the pandemic would in time unstuck Tim's own creative impasse and the positivity would spill over to his electic, sixth album Typical Music.

Many thanks for making this possible: — Thank you Tim for sharing 'more than we needed,' even as your van waited for you outside. (Insert Heart emoji) Thank you to Mute for use of all songs. To Sony Music for Master Rights for "The Only One I Know." And to Bella Union and O Genesis for all other songs. Finally to Ken Weinstein from Big Hassle for all the added support.

Songs Featured: "Here Comes The Weekend,"The Only One I Know," "Years Ago," 'Just One Kiss (One Last Kiss)," "Nik V," "The Mall," "Time That We Call Time," and "The Centre of Me(Is a Symphony of You)."

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