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Dec. 24, 2021

Jamie Stewart - Xiu Xiu

Jamie Stewart - Xiu Xiu

Oh No!

Experimental art-pop and noize band Xiu Xiu's single "Rumpus Room" found me on a particular low day in early 2021. I remember puttng it on, cranking the volume up and jumping around like a sugar-ed up toddler in a boucy castle. There's hints that the song is about more serious things but in that moment I needed joy and bouce—and that's what I found. Jamie Stewart began Xiu Xiu 20 years ago. The band has seen many configurations and different members. For the last decade, Xiu Xiu's been a duo of Stewart with Angela Seo. Xiu Xiu's music is often confronting either thematically or in the noize elements that Jamie employs. Diving into it, is its own reward. Their latest is OH NO, an album of duets. It features Sharon Van Etten, Angus Andrew from Australian band, Liars, Twin Shadow, Owen Pallett and LA's First Wave punk pioneer, Alice Bag.

Many thanks for making this possible — Thank you Jamie for all the noize, madness, mayhem and beauty. And that infectious laugh. To Kill Rock Stars for use of "I Luv The Valley OH" and "Apple For A Brain." And to Polyvinyl for use of all other songs. To Catherine Herrick from Motor Mouth Media for media support.

Songs Featured: "Rumpus Room," "I Luv the Valley OH," "I Luv Abortion," "Apple For A Brain," "Honey Suckle," "Sad Mezcalita," "Saint Dymphna," "I Dream Of Someone Else Entirely," "Antz," and "Bottle of Rum."

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