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Jan. 26, 2022

Julien Baker

Little Oblivions

Memphis-bred singer/songwriter Julien Baker's third album Little Oblivions revisits familiar themes in her confessional writing style — faith, addiction, mental health and her sense of isolation. However, in the process of writing the album, Julien had to undergo more transformation than ever before. She now has a radically different understanding of God, of her own struggle with addiction, and how she squares that with her own queer identity. She's also attempting to be kinder to herself. The catalyst for much of this change was losing her sobriety in 2018. It prompted her to cancel shows and step away from her music career — the thing that she loved the most — and possibly giving it up altogether, as she went back to University to finish her degree.


Many thanks for making this possible — Thank you Julien for your love of God and returning to music-making. To 6131 Records for use of "Sprainked Ankle." To Matador for use of all other songs from albums Turn The Light Out and Little Oblivions. And to Kobalt Music Publishing for all songs. Special thanks to Abby Rubin from Beggars Group, and Katie Nelson at Grandstand Media for additional support.


Songs Featured: "Hardline," "Sprained Ankle," "Claws At Your Back," "Faith Healer," "Ziptie," "Ringside," and "Relative Fiction."


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