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Oct. 1, 2021

Let's Talk About Class, Pop Music and Tom Waits

Let's Talk About Class, Pop Music and Tom Waits

Making art that feeds the belly and soul

We hear a bit of tape from Sleaford Mods singer Jason Williamson that did't make it to the main episode. Our guest is musician, producer and award-winning podcaster Martin Zaltz Austwick. He shares some of his thoughts on the class warfare endemic to the music of Sleaford Mods and why he sets a higher bar for pop music. As the co-host of Song by Song podcast—a show about the music of Tom Waits—we of course, discuss the genuis of the left-of-field autuer!

Please visit Martin's blog Year of The Bird to hear the four volumes of music and read the incredible journey of unexpected twists and turns that his life took that year. Follow him on Twitter @martinaustwick and support his music-making as Pale Bird, on Bandcamp.

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