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July 1, 2021

London Grammar - Hannah Reid

London Grammar - Hannah Reid

When Women Take the Lead

After more than a decade of functioning as a democracy, Hannah Reid has stepped into the offical role of band leader in London Grammar. And her bandmates Dot Major and Dan Rothman are more than happy for her to steer the ship on a more female-centric course, for their latest album Californian Soil. It's a more direct album than their previous work—unafraid to show strength and vulnerability.

Here are the links to "I'll Be Rooting For You," "Missing," "Californian Soil," and "America"—make sure you listen to them as they are discussed in some detail in this episode.

Many thanks for making this possible — Hannah for being the kind of leader that women—and men need right now. Thank you to Ministry of Sound, Sony Music and Warner Chappell for use of songs from albums Californian Soil and If You Wait. And to Olga Makrias at BTPR.

Songs Featured: "Lord It's A Feeling," "Wasting My Young Years," "Missing," and "America."

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