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July 16, 2021

Lucy Dacus

Lucy Dacus

Everything is Fiction

Lucy Dacus has gone from strength to strength with her music career. Her stunning 2015 debut No Burden, highlighted her poetic lyricism and gift for melody. Her follow up Historian honed in on her ability to tell us a compelling story. Her most recent Home Video is brutally direct and personal. It feels like we're reading her private diary, not meant for public consumption. It's a tricky thing when we make art out of this excavation of our own intimate experiences. Lucy explains how she negotiates what songs need permission from the people that share these formative moments with her, and those that she relegates to fiction. And why there are some things she writes about that she will never share.

Many thanks for making this possible — Lucy for sharing so much more than we could hope to contain in this space. To Matador Records and Abby Rubin at Beggars Group for use of all songs. And Big Deal Music Group. Thank you to Lucy Sloane for sound design music. And Jessica Linker at Pitch Perfect PR for all the support.

Songs Featured: "Hot & Heavy," "I Don't Want To Be Funny Anymore," "Troublemaker Doppleganger," "Night Shift," "La Vie En Rose," "Partner In Crime," "Thumbs," "Going Going Gone."

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