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Oct. 11, 2021



Alice in Wonderland - Soul Edition

Bay Area-based experimental artist Chrystia Cabral started making Gothic-inspired music as SPELLLING, in 2017. The dabbling and experimenting of her first two albums were instructive but have now given way to something more intentional. The bewitching vocals and haunting soundscapes of Pantheon of Me and Mazy Fly are still present but her art has evolved and expanded sonically and thematically on her lush, third record The Turning Wheel. She pulls from Science Fiction authors, fairy tales, Disney and Afro Futurism—building worlds intended for fans of her music to inhabit and seek refuge.

Many thanks for making this possible — Tia for taking us through the looking glass and into space. Thank you Sacred Bones Records for use of music. And to Sam McAllister at Pitch Perfect PR.

Songs Featured: "Always," "Walk Up To Your House," 'Real Fun" "Little Deer," "Queen of Wands," "The Future," "Emperor with an Egg," "Boys at Schoo," "Revolution" and "The Turning Wheel."

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