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Nov. 5, 2021

Transgenerational Trauma in Music

Transgenerational Trauma in Music

Channeling the Ancestors

We listen to some tape that didn't make the main SPELLLING episode. And are joined by podcaster Alexandra Cohl of The Pod Broads who discusses the different pieces that she thinks an artist like SPELLLING brings to her music. From the lasting effects of transgenerational trauma that manifests itself on SPELLLING's track "Haunted Water," to her bi-racial identity that quietly informs all her work. Alexandra—whose partner is multi-hyphenate rapper, producer and Empire State Music & Arts festival founder, Kerry Blu—also sheds some light on the ways artists of color have felt about the previous administration's mishandling of the pandemic. And as a creative couple—and a singer herself—she reveals how they had to set boundaries for themselves during the difficult New York Shelter in Place. Follow Alexandra on Instagram @pod.dralandand on Twitter @poddraland Be sure to listen to her podcast The Pod Broads. And for Kerry Blu's fresh new EP, The Game Is The Game, please head to Spotify.

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