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Dec. 16, 2020

Under the Radar Podcast Presents: The Show On The Road with Agnes Obel

Under the Radar Podcast Presents: The Show On The Road with Agnes Obel

Agnes Obel: Experimental, moving soundscapes

The Show On The Road is a great music podcast hosted by Zach Lupetin from folk rock outfit, Dustbowl Revival. I'm excited to share this episode where he speaks to Danish composer, pianist and singer/songwriter Agnes Obel. It was recorded at the Capitol Records Building in Los Angeles before there was a hint of Pandemic. And Obel was still looking forward to playing at the Greek Theatre over the Summer. They discuss her latest album Myopia, how perhaps we are not masters of our own fate and how when she has an album to finish she frets about her mortality: worrying about being hit by a truck before she can finish her songs. And one of her most beautiful tracks on this album is "Won't You Call Me" so be sure to check it out.

Also, don't miss this opportunity to catch other episodes from The Show On The Road. Some of my favorites are the interviews with Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics and New Jersey-raised singer/songwriter Nicole Atkins.

We are currently hard at work preparing for Season 2 which will launch in March/April 2021. And to kick off the new year we've got a mini series of interviews lined up as well as a Bonus episode or two. So stay tuned. And come say hi to us by joining our Facebook Group. We have plans to do more listening parties and giveaways. We would love to hear your thoughts about Under the Radar or The Show On The Road. Click here to join.

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