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June 25, 2021

Why Do Artists Struggle?

Why Do Artists Struggle?

Music and Mental Health

We hear some tape that didn't make it to the James Yorkston & The Second Hand Orchestra episode. And speak to Lily Sloane, an artist and therapist who we thought could speak uniquely to the relationship between art and mental health. What we weren't expecting was the deeper significance that songs such as "Struggle" and "Choices Like Wide Rivers" have for her. For more news on Lily's sound design and composing work follow her @lilyrosesloane on Twitter. Or check out her website lilymakessound.com. Here's the link for Lily's podcast A Therapist Walks Into A Bar. For her solo album We Find Our Demons and her Pale Bird collaboration I told You How Important You Would Be, please head to her Bandcamp page. And here's Martin Austwick's Tom Wait's podcast Song By Song.

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