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Aug. 27, 2021

Why Do We Have To Talk About Race?

Why Do We Have To Talk About Race?

The history of race in America

We hear two pieces of tape that didn't make it to the main Adrian Younge episode. Both speak to these awkward and sometimes very difficult conversations on race that we should all be having, especially in the aftermath of George Floyd and this country's race reckoning. We also speak to a promising young artist, jaythehomie, from emo-rap duo RoeShamBeaux about his thoughts on Adrian Younge's album The American Negro and the things he learnt that weren't in any history book. He also shares his own experiences with racism and the concept of double consciousness, growing up in suburban Virginia. Follow @RoeShamBeaux on twiitter, instagram, Spotify and Apple Music. Check out this last EP Emergency here. and look out for new music later this year.

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